Weekly Book Review January 16, 2015

16 Jan
Weekly Book Review January 16, 2015

Weekly Book Review
January 16, 2015
By: Cammy Walters
Each week I am choosing to read the work of one new, unknown author, and provide the best possible review of their work that I can. I am doing this for no other reason than I hope to help encourage writers everywhere to write what they feel, what they know about. Through my weekly book reviews I will hopefully teach others to listen with the ears of God to what message the author is truly trying to share with their audience, and find a way to help broadcast their message and their work.
This week’s book, “Fade to Gray” by S.A. Molteni, I believe was what I call a Golden God Nugget in my path this week. Why do I say that you ask, because, the bible tells us:
Proverbs 16:31 (CEB)
31 Gray hair is a crown of glory;
it is found on the path of righteousness.
The Author, S.A. Molteni, demonstrates the struggles that we all go through life when we try to improve or ‘fix’ what we think should be fix as we age. All the while, God designed us perfectly, and gives us a crown of glory that is displayed for the world to see.

This is so typical of the human race, to want to hide what God is doing in and through their lives. Three Cheers to this author, for writing not a work of Flash Fiction, but a work of pure honesty and from a heart of love, that comes straight from the heart of God the Father, with a life lesson that we should all learn from.
While this is a short, but very humorous look, at something I, myself, have experienced, but my experience didn’t turn out quite like hers did, I was left with Golden highlights from the CarrotTop effect…so I completely get the frustration and the lesson all too well.

Thank you S.A. Molteni for giving us a humorous take on our aging process, and a lesson that we all should have learned WAY before we reached our current Gray Hair and All. Blessings!
Fade to Gray by: S.A. Molteni

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