Weekly Book Review January 9, 2015

10 Jan

Weekly Book Review
January 9, 2015
By: Cammy Walters

Each week I am choosing to read the work of one new, unknown author, and provide the best possible review of their work that I can. I am doing this for no other reason than I hope to help encourage writers everywhere to write what they feel, what they know about. Through my weekly book reviews I will hopefully teach others to listen with the ears of God to what message the author is truly trying to share with their audience, and find a way to help broadcast their message and their work.
I have found that new writers will write bits of themselves into their first couple of books or so, and it is refreshing when a writer can write with the same emotion and intensity as to have really experienced the topics contained within their writing. And as is true with new up and coming authors, the first chapter may seem a bit disjointed, but it contains what is needed for some polish and detail. Such is the case with this week’s book. “Today, I Am Free” by Nitya Nadgir.
When I first look to find an author each week, I never look to see who the author is the first thing that I read is their synopsis. If the synopsis grabs me, then I will begin reading their first chapter. However, I was more than a bit disappointed that Nitya, did not have an Authors Bio of some type, so that I could get to know this author a little better after having read the 2 or 3 chapters that are currently available. Hopefully, the author will provide that soon for us to get to know them better.
When I first dove into Nitya’s book, “Today, I am Free”, I must admit that what this author calls a prologue, seems to me a bit out of place. It jumps the reader into looking at the colors of the sky, and hoping for freedom, when the synopsis told us that they had known freedom all their life to this point.
Then the writer takes us into what I can only say is a choppy chapter that still needs some details filled in for the reader to be able to grasp the scene that the writer is trying to convey. My suggestion would be to work on developing the characters and the scene so that the reader didn’t get as lost as I was. With that said however I continued through the next two chapters.
Nitya’s book, Today, I Am Free, has the potential for an awesome testimony of strength, courage and endurance if it is a true story, but even if it is a work of fiction, the writer Nitya Nadgir has the potential to have a great book in either genre of Fiction or Non-Fiction, and with some polish and detail, has a message that contains many of what I call Golden God nuggets to be found by the reader, if the author will open themselves up to share the deeper and more detailed story that lies behind what they have already written.

I look forward to seeing how this story develops, and this author hones their writing ability.

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