02 Jan

BY: Cammy Walters
My Pastoral radar perked up as I began reading Robyn’s book “Walked Away” on New Year’s Day 2015. As I began reading her book, I thought to myself, well, this is going to be another semi-sanitized testimony. The reason that I felt that way at first was because as I a read the first couple of chapters, it seemed that she was holding back the emotion that should have been represented in her writing. However, by about the 3 or 4th chapter this author began placing the emotion into her writing that I felt was missing in the first chapters. Truly refreshing to have someone willing to share raw, heart-felt emotion, to help others, truly she is giving the reader the gift of herself, in every chapter. I had to immediately contact her and ask if she had a complete draft of her work, so that I could provide her a proper review. I felt that I needed to completely read her work, before I could honestly provide a review worthy of the opening of her soul that she has done in this book.
In society today, the public is demanding real this, and reality that, and I do believe it is all a concerted effort of the Holy Spirit guiding “The Church”, All Christians, to begin to open themselves up and share from the good and bad experiences in their life, so that both the hearer and the speaker are healed from the trappings of those life experiences. Just because Robyn’s experience was through the LDS church, and mine are different, our missions in life, to allow ourselves to become a voice for the voiceless, and a willingness to learn and share through the experiences and testimonies of others are the same.
Robyn shares that she couldn’t claim that her work was a work based in love, however, I believe it truly is a work born out of the same love that the Father and Jesus has for each of us. It may be a work of “Tough Love” to some however, simply because they don’t believe that our Heavenly Father loves us enough to correct us just as we as parents love our children enough to correct them when they have erred in some way.
“Walked Away” by Robyn Fogg may be a very short book, only about 15,000 words, but what mighty words this author has put together. Powerful words that can only come from that Heart of Love, from the Father of all creation! You will be blessed by allowing Robyn to share her heart for humanity and her brothers and sisters that are still trapped. This is an excellent example of what true love is, to lay ones life down for another, and Robyn has laid down a lot in order that we might glean from what I call, Golden God Nuggets, hidden within her story.

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