Cassandra’s Awakening

06 Dec
Cassandra’s Awakening

“Cassandra’s Awakening”
By: Cammy Walters

It seemed, as strange as this may sound, that since birth Cassandra knew, that she had something important to accomplish in her lifetime. However, what she didn’t expect to find was that her destiny, was actually connected to all humanity.
Cassandra’s parents were of mixed origins. Her father, a poor peasant boy, who was an indentured servant to her mother’s family back East. Cassandra’s mother was known as, “New England’s Queen Mum” because she was born on Mother’s Day in the Royal Ward, 22 years prior to Cassandra’s birth. However, two years before Cassandra was born, her mother and father had to leave New England under a cloud of mystery and moved to Texas where his parents lived.
The following story is of Cassandra’s Awakening to what she had been destined for from the moment of her conception. The orchestration of events throughout her life that led up to the moment of her awakening at age 26 and her subsequent 26-year long journey back through her life to gather the “Keys of Destiny”. Soon, you, the reader will come to realize that the “Keys of Destiny” that Cassandra has discovered fit the locks on your own doors of opportunity and destiny.



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