It’s the fingerprint of God

10 Oct

I never would have imagined that this small excerpt shared below, from the Second Edition of “A Life of Significance” could be so divinely woven into the tapestry of the Third Edition being written and compiled now, to be published next year. I just received in my email today, 10-10-14, the next key Testimony that continues to weave together the Second and Third editions of “A Life of Significance”. It’s the fingerprint of God to be sure. I can’t make this stuff up, I may be bright but, I ain’t that bright!!!

You can purchase the second edition in e-book format TODAY at the following link:
“A Life of Significance”

“Three strikes upon the music stand in front of the
Conductor signals the attention of the entire orchestra. He
raises his hands, and begins the concert performance titled
“All about You”.
Every person has a specific plan and purpose for their
lives set and established by God. Every child is born with
a specific “Sound” that we are tuned to from the time
your Father God created you as a flesh bound spirit at the
moment of your conception. You may understand what I am saying
if I put it this way; everyone dances to a different beat,
and like beats will attract to form the “Sound” that they
were uniquely created from. Some family chords fit very
well together and make a beautiful arrangement and that
arrangement seems to move fluidly across the generations.
Other family chords will have an off-beat member, section,
or arrangement that just doesn’t seem to match with the
other musical notes and instruments being played, however,
both were created as the “New Song” that we all will sing.” Excerpt from the opening lines of “A Life of Significance” by: Cammy Walters

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