Praise and Testimonials!

05 Oct

I hope that those of you that have privately shared with me the Awesome Things that the Lord has done in your life over the past 60 days (August 8 – October 7, 2014) of our Prayer Challenge – Casting Your Cares project, will share publicly in the comment section below. This simple act of coming along beside each of you, and lifting each others burdens that you are dealing with and helping you to cast that care and weight upon the Lord, has been one of the most awesome experiences of my life, and I hope of each of yours. Please Read, Comment, and share this post.

Personally, Don and I have experienced some tingling sensation in his elbow, where there hasn’t been any since his accident two years ago. Small steps in most people’s eyes, HUGE steps to us since all the doctors told us that spinal cord damage and nerve root damage don’t repair itself. Biggest of all is the freedom and pure joy that has come to myself and relief to Don, of finally being comfortable in my current, home-bound situation. This has been the greatest struggle that I have gone through since Don’s accident. I went from going to others to minister, to being a caregiver in one place, to my husband, and didn’t see how this was fulfilling the burning desire to minister out there somewhere. The Lord, has been lovingly showing me that even though I may be confined to a 30-mile radius from our home, doesn’t mean that I don’t still have the ability to minister the Gospel to the multitudes in many different states and even countries. I just had to learn how in a different way. Through this process, I have learned even yet again, how the Lord has provided what I need, before I even realize why it was necessary at the time.

Even as our Covenant Worry Garden is still incomplete, I hope that we can remember that each of us is a work in progress and the prayer project continues through each individual that reads this and all the testimonies posted below. I have heard that several churches are beginning to put a Covenant Worry Garden on their church grounds for their members to cast their cares before entering into worship. Still others have told me privately of Awesome divine healings that have occurred, of which I hope they will post below as well. Still others renewed their faith in God through this project! Praise the Lord! Many Blessings to each of you reading this post, and know that I continue to pray for every one of you, my friends, regularly and that list keeps growing daily…we have connected with 200 new friends to date through this project!


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