God is showing up and SHOWING OUT!

23 Aug

Wow, Wow, and Wow….Look at God’s Protection!
Neighbor Widow Woman called me this morning at 3:45AM! As I was sleeping and didn’t hear the phone ring in the other room, she left me a message: “Cammy, Brenda (her daughter) said that there were 4 men out in our driveway and they have gone and come back TWICE between 3:00am-3:45am.” Well, obviously it was a God thing…that I woke up at 3:53AM and looked at my phone to see that see had left a message just minutes ago. BUT…I wouldn’t find out HOW MUCH OF A GOD THING that it really was, and what a awesome display of GOD’s Hand (PRESENCE) it really was until just MOMENTS AGO when I was talking across the fence with Brenda, (the neighbors GROWN, ADULT daughter)….As she was telling me the WHOLE story of what she saw, she said,”Cammy, the second time that they showed up in your driveway, one of the 4 four men was not one of the ones from the first time they showed up…the first time the four of them were out of the car in your driveway, they were all dressed in dark clothing…the second time she saw them come back she saw 3 in dark clothing, but one which was REALLY REALLY TALL, GLOWED ALL WHITE!!!!” After our conversation I came back into the house to tell Don what she said, and that is when the Holy Spirit REMINDED me of the ANGELS that HE has posted at all for corners of the property!!!! I myself have only seen them once, and that was the two at the front door of our HOME, one of my little ladies from our home group, Miss Mimi, told me that not only do we have the two at the front door, but One Angel at each corner of your property….GOD IS SHOWING UP AND SHOWING OUT SINCE WE STARTED OUR PRAYER CHALLENGE AND I KNOW THAT THERE ARE GOING TO BE A LOT MORE TESTIMONIALS TO COME FROM THIS PRAYER CHALLENGE – CASTING YOUR CARES!

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