I feel like a proud “grandma” of sorts.

08 Dec

Rebecca R. Brown and her NEWLY PUBLISHED book, “Death has no Hold” holds a special place in my heart. Not because she is our first author that we helped in a very small way with becoming a published author. Which is pretty exciting in itself, especially for our Editorial Staff members, Carolea and Nancy, but because she is a first class Christian woman with a heart to help others with her gift. Not to mention that I feel like a proud “grandma” of sorts. There is no better feeling than to know that you helped play a small part in someone fulfilling and achieving their God given dreams and calling.

Rebecca R. Brown’s book, “Death has no Hold” may be a work of fiction, based upon a bedtime story that she created and told to her young daughter every evening. However, within each page you will see how she has allowed her God given talent of storytelling, to open up the Love Letter that our Heavenly Father gave for us to grow by.

The characters in “Death has no Hold” come from the highest of highs to the lowest of low, demonstrating that God is truly the respector of NO ONE, and that time and space don’t matter in the Family of God! The author takes you intimately into each of their lives to show a distinct contrast between Good and Evil in her character’s lives and the consequences or benefits of each. The author truly captures the Heart of The Father toward all who know him already or soon will.

The most interesting thing that I noticed as I read through her book,“Death Has No Hold”, was that through her characters you could plainly see people that you may know in your own life, and begin to have your spiritual eyes opened to the seemingly ordinary events going on around you. We are all connected, the “world” knows it to be six degrees of separation, and some may call it the butterfly effect however as a Christian we simply know it to be a Family Affair! This book is appropriate for all reading levels from 4th grade to adult, Christian or Non-Christian. I believe that we may very well see this coming soon to a theater near you, and if you are an avid reader you know that the book is always better!

Congratulations, Rebecca, and many blessing to you from your sister,
Carmella Walters, Pastor of Finally Free Ministries, and author of “A Life of Significance” and “Handbook for Sharing Your Faith Effectively”.

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