A Life of Significance

21 Oct
A Life of Significance

Synopsis of “A Life of Significance

By:  Carmella Walters

The God of the Universe has created each of us to be significant within our own spheres of influence.  You don’t have to be famous to have A Life of Significance you only have to be human.  Through the ordinary lives portrayed within the pages of this book, you will find that you too have A Life of Significance.  Every life is A Life of Significance; we just need to learn to find the Golden God Nuggets hidden deep within. Regardless of whether it is a long life or a life that was cut tragically short, all lives are significant to those connected to them, and have golden nuggets of significance to others willing to mine them out.  Through this book you will find hope and healing for any situation that you may currently be experiencing, and will receive a deposit from every life portrayed within the pages.


Now available at in Paperback and Kindle

Now available at Barnes & Noble in Paperback and Nook

Also Available direct from the Publisher

60% of the Author’s Net Profits are being allocated for Finally Free Ministries Eddie’s Acres Project that assist people who are coming out of a substance abuse or domestic violence situation by providing Transitional Housing, Jobs and Jobs Skills training, Daycare assistance, Life Skills education, and Pastoral Counseling


Human being have a tendency of placing the rich and famous on a pedestal.  We believe that only those with influence – politicians, business leaders and celebrities – are the only ones whose lives are of any significance.  Bust as Carmella Walters points out in “A Life of Significance” the God of the Universe has created each of us to be significant within our own spheres of influence.

Walters share the testimonies of real, ordinary people who have done extraordinary things, while teaching us that we can do the same by discovering what she calls the “Golden God Nuggets” hidden deep within our souls.

Stories of unexpected pregnancies, adopting a child, putting a child up for adoption, the aftermath of abortion, war and the loss of a child are shred in this outstanding book.  No matter what we may be going through or what obstacles life has placed in our path, there is something inside “A Life of Significance” that will inspire us to get through it.  The Convention Courier Issue #3 May 2012


“I can see why God wanted you to write it. Those stories can be such an encouragement to people who are going through those situations. And you made it very clear how to receive Jesus as savior.” J.W. from Texas


Phone Call from a woman who just had to tell me that She LOVED this book because “she didn’t see religion she actually saw GOD on every page!” What a testimonial and to GOD be all the GLORY!  S.P. from Pennsylvania


“I am a 95 year old woman and didn’t realize that the abortion that I had when I was 20 still had a death grip on my life.  Thank you for sharing these stories and setting this old woman free from the bondage and baggage of so many years!”  M.B. from Texas



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