Survival of the Fittest Part Two Your guide to your Promise Land of Provision and Prosperity

15 Jun

Survival of the Fittest Part Two
Your guide to your Promise Land of Provision and Prosperity

Now that you have taken your first and hardest step (turning and making the decision to walk toward your destiny) and you are not looking at the entire path, you have just begun your journey toward what He (The Lord) has told you to do to enter into your Promise Land of Provision and Prosperity. It is time for your second step in your journey….walking it out! Your second step is to begin to take an inventory of all the resources that you have or may not have to walk out your destiny. Begin by making a list of what you think that it will take to reach your goal, no matter what that goal is, whether it’s a New Business, New Job, New Car or what, the process is the same. Just like a computer programmer builds a flow chart of the chain of events that need to take place in order for a program to work properly, you are designing a flow chart of what steps you will need to take to program your path to your Promised Land.



On what it is that you want to do or feel led to do with your life!

Step two: What to I really need to reach my intended destination



Connection with others

Notice that we have three item showing the items necessary to complete your destiny to your promise land. Education, Finances, and Connection with others, these are the first three essential elements to your path. In any endeavor that we undertake throughout our lives, these three items are the ones that will be necessary for completion of your journey. Don’t be scared off if you learn that you are lacking in any of these areas in the beginning, or maybe lacking in all three, through time, patience, and persistent pursuit of your Goal, you will reach your destination, there again, don’t look at the entire path, just one step at a time.

Step Two, Learn about your destination (Education)

Just like the Children of Israel needed to spy out the land first, this was their education point. They sent 10 spies to go into the land and come back with a report on what they found. However, 8 came back with a NEGATIVE report about the difficulties they found and TWO had a POSITIVE report about what they found in the Promise Land. Find others that have done something similar to what you want to do, and gather a report from them. Remember, if the Children of Israel sent 10 out and only got 2 positive reports don’t expect that your results will be any different, it is all in Who’s report you will believe at this point. If you only rely on the 8 negative reports, you will DIE without ever reaching your Promise Land of Provision and Prosperity. Please read the story again about the spies and the Children of Israel in Numbers 13 and Numbers 14, and learn from their mistakes. Gather your Reports and begin to move forward. This step may take sometime however, it will be worth the wait DON’T BE DISCOURAGE! Realize that the Children of Israel had to wait for the spies to come back from their journey and give their reports Numbers 13:25. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect that it will take at least Forty Days or a little longer (the spies came back at the end of 40 days) to gather all of your reports, and with that you are looking at approximately 6 to 8 weeks before all the reports will be in on your destination. Remember Accentuate the Positive and Learn from the Negative, just because you receive negative reports doesn’t mean that they don’t hold any value. The negative reports will give you insight to your enemies that are trying to prevent you from reaching your Promise Land. Once you learn your enemies, you can overcome them.
Begin educating yourself on your Promise Land, and enjoy the discovery!


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