Everyone will have a Burning Bush Experience

24 May

The title of today’s blog says it all, everyone has a burning bush experience, the question is will you be like Moses and turn aside to investigate it further (Exodus 3:3), or will you simply walk away as if you saw nothing at all?  I believe, and with a little exploration into the Bible and a walk through history, we will find that everyone has a burning bush experience we have just failed to recognize it.  Follow me as I begin to highlight your burning bush, and maybe you will find new meaning and purpose to your life through the adventure.

When we see Moses, he was simply tending his father-in-laws herds, and saw a burning bush that wasn’t being consumed by the fire (Exodus chapter 3).  I believe this was God’s way of attracting his attention to see if he would notice or continue on his way without giving it a second thought.  God had an issue, and throughout the Bible we see that God only works through people and He needed someone to work through to answer the cries of His people.  Like Moses, most of us don’t feel that we have what it takes to be the answer to someone’s prayers or cries of their heart, however, if you will turn aside to investigate the situation, God will work through you just as He worked miracles through Moses.  God only needs a willing instrument, and He will do the rest.

Lets look at someone in the New Testament of the Bible now, the Apostle Paul, this was a passionate man, however his passion was a little misguided and God/Jesus had to adjust his vision and passion, in a dramatic way (Acts Chapter 9).  Many times, we can be passionate people and our passion is a little off center of what it should be.  God loves passionate people, and will direct you into your true passion and purpose and will give you a burning bush experience because of that passion.  Your passion and drive is gift that was given to you by God, and if we don’t know the true purpose of a gift we misuse it until we find or discover its intended use.  This is why we have so many “fortune tellers, palm-readers, and general sooth-Sayers,” today because the gifts that these people were given by God, the enemy, the devil has perverted and distracted their true intended purpose.  The ability to make money is another gift that has been perverted by the enemy.  Money is an answer to many issues, however, the enemy has perverted many into believing that they must gather, gather and gather without answering the cries of God’s people that are in need.  Money is NOT the root of all evil,( 1 Timothy 6:10), and those that have been given the gift of making money sometimes are not aware of the intended purpose of money and have misused it by over spending, hoarding it, or living extravagant lifestyles without investigating the intended purpose of their God given gift( 2 Timothy 3:1:5).  Please don’t misunderstand me, God doesn’t want you to live in poverty either, this is another perversion of your gift by the enemy, you can’t out give God in the intended purpose of your gift, but its up to you to recognize your Burning Bush experience and to discover the intended purpose and become God’s answer to someone else.   You are blessed to be a Blessing, and I believe that you truly want to help people in the beginning of discovering your gifts, however, you have been simply misguided, and misdirected just like the Apostle Paul was when he was Saul. Turn aside and start investigating the Bush Burning in front of you, and God will open your eyes as he did the Apostle Paul’s to see the proper use of your gift.

My personal “Burning Bush” experience came in the form of a phone call that I receive late one evening.  The voice on the other end of the line was a woman that I have mentored for some time, and she said, you are the only person I know that will have an answer to this problem I have been presented with.  I was somewhat taken back by her description of me, but I listened to what she asked, and it was as if a bright light went off in my head, and I exclaimed;  “well, we know lots of people with land and we can solve this problem,” little did I know that this was my burning bush experience. My friend began telling me that a man who had a criminal record with a drug issue had gotten clean and had been released from jail.  Someone had believed in him enough to give him a Mobile Home, but he needed to find a place to put it so that he could live in it.  Now I had previous experience with people coming out of a substance abuse and domestic violence situations and knew the difficulties that these people have reintegrating into society, and that it takes a group of people to come together to assist these folks.  After hanging up the phone that night, I began asking God who or what I should do to get this man a place to put his trailer that he had been blessed with.   The next day I would soon discover that most people don’t want to get their hands dirty by trying to help these folks, and so I discovered what I was called to do.  This was my “Burning Bush Experience”.  From that point on, God began directing my husband and I in what we needed to do and to build, so that there would be a place for these people.  This is how our For-Profit Ministry/Business; Finally Free Ministries was born, and has developed into us building several businesses; Nursery and Landscape business, Custom Etched Glass design work, Shipping/Receiving business, website and e-commerce design and development, Fresh Roasted Fair Trade Organic Coffee, and other businesses still in the process, in order to provide an income and jobs for these people.  As far a Mobile Home park for these people, it is our Goal to build an “Eddies Acres Mobile Home Park” to provide transitional housing, daycare assistance, life skills and job skills education, and pastoral counseling, in every county within every State of the United States.

As you can see, I had no idea that one phone call would become a call of God on my life, however, if you will take the first step towards your “Burning Bush” God will begin showing you your purpose in life as well.  And one word of advise, If it’s to big for just you to do alone, then you can be assured that you have found your “Burning Bush” God assignment. God assignments always require a team of people, just like Moses had Aaron, and then the women of the children of Israel had their assignments to gather from the Egyptians so that they didn’t go out empty handed (Exodus 3:21-22), neither will you go out empty handed into your Promised Land, there are people waiting for you to lead the way into their Promised Land!  Throughout history we have all read or heard stories of ordinary people, doing extraordinary things in the world in which they live.  From Moses called to set God’s people free, to Mother Teresa working and helping countless thousands of people and a nation, to the little 9 years old helping the homeless with garage sale clothes and shoes.  Your burning bush experience could be as simple as recognizing that our service men and women need toilet items, or that the disabled person you know could use a particular device you see that could assist all disabled people in their daily lives.  Whatever God has opened your eyes to see, is your Burning Bush Experience, and is your call of God to answer the cries of His people.  The question is will you turn aside to investigate into it or will you simply pass on by without a second thought?


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2 responses to “Everyone will have a Burning Bush Experience

  1. Misheck migwi

    January 29, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    That story has inspired me alot. Am a christian who want to study theology but no fainacial surport!where do i start & i like working for the lord

    • Pastor Cammy

      July 13, 2013 at 4:46 pm

      So sorry that it has taken so long for me to respond back to you. I would be glad to assist you in your studies (free of charge) or are you wanting a formal type educational setting?


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