Are you a Lookee Lou or a Buyee Do that’s the Question?

19 May

After having some random conversations the past couple of weeks with several different people and groups of people this one topic keeps coming up in those conversations.   Are you a lookee Lou or a buyee do?   The typical response that I have been getting is “What are you talking about Pastor?” and so brings today’s blog.  Let me explain, There are lookee lous and buyee dos and everyone of us are one or the other but never both.  A lookee lou will look, wonder, ponder, consider what if, and maybe even question, but will never commitment or make a decision on what has been presented to them. They may even toss and bat around the issue, but they cannot ever land on a decision.  However, on the other hand, the buyee dos will gather the information and make a decisive decision on what has been presented to them and stick to their decision.  Now let’s look at what the Bible has to say about this topic.

Lets begin with James 1:5-8: In this passage of scripture, we are told that if any of us lacks wisdom, let us ask of God in faith, not doubting in our hearts and it will be given.  However, it also goes on to say, that if we doubt or waver in our faith we are being double-minded and being unstable, and the Word of God tells us that being double-minded we are unstable in ALL OUR WAYS.  Being Double-Minded can take many forms.  One is to waver in your beliefs; another is to waver in your thoughts or ideas.  Double-mindedness is predominating our lives these days, and we just need to MAKE A DECISION and stick with it.  How many times have you ever wondered about taking the steps to start your own business or to buy a New Car or House, only to ponder, consider, and mull it over so to speak but never making a decisive decision to either buy-into the thought or idea or not. And then only have it come back around in your mind, and you begin the process all over again and still having not committed to a decision about it one way or the other and your thoughts begin to waver on the subject?  This is a form of double-mindedness, and if you aren’t careful, this will become a habit throughout your life in every area of your life.

When my husband and I learned this lesson, it was purely accidental, but has helped us tremendously throughout our personal and business life.  When we started the Nursery and Landscape plants, the custom hand etched glass, and the fresh roasted coffee business, we thought that we should begin by getting out among the people to showcase our products.  We did this at first by setting up at Trade Shows and Craft Shows, and anywhere that we happen to be invited to, and thus began our lesson.  Since we carry a Variety of different products, and most of them are specialty and custom items, we soon learned that there are lots of people that a “Just Looking” and never intend to buy a thing.  They look, ponder, wonder about your stuff, and maybe even ask a few questions, say that’s cool, or I like that, and wouldn’t so and so like that as a gift etc…they may even walk away and then come back repeated, but will never make a decision and stick with it.  These people we called “Lookee Lous”.  They love to look, but will never buy into the information or products that they are looking at, and neither can they make a decision and stick with it either way.  On-the-other hand, the other group of people are called “Buyee Dos”, these people look at the information or products that have been presented, and will make a decision right then and there to buy-into what has been presented or not.  These people will ask questions, and then make a decision and stick with it, regardless of whether they purchased our products or not, they made a decision and stuck to it.  If they choose not to purchase your products or buy-into what you are saying, you will never see these people again, and if they do buy your product or information that you have presented they are willing to pay whatever the price is without trying to “Wheel and Deal” with you on the price.  They will pay the cost.   This brings me to the topic today, are you a lookee lou or a buyee do?

This question is something that I believe is being asked of us all the time, and we haven’t realized it especially with God and His Word.  Are you a lookee lou or a buyee do?  Do you believe God and take Him at His Word and promises or are you just looking at the Word of God, and pondering and wondering if it is for you.  The Word of God tells us that God is not a man that He should lie, Numbers 23:19, and Romans 3:4 tells us Let God be true and every man a liar.  God is true to His Word and His promises, and nothing you can do will ever change His Word or His Promises.  Even God himself would rather have you either hot or cold, Revelation 3:15-16, he doesn’t want the Lookee Lous that can’t make a decision one way or the other, either buy-into His Word, or Don’t, but MAKE A DECISION one way or the other.  Once you make your first decision, whatever it is, and stick to it, the rest of your decisions will become easier and easier to make, and you will be amazed at how simple your life will become when you chose to make decisions and stick with them!  Keep the Faith, and Make your Decisions Firm in every area of your life, you will be glad you did!


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