Don’t sell your birthright!

18 May

Don’t sell your birthright!

Today everyone seems to be talking about birth order of his or her children, and how that affects their personalities etc…  I want to talk to you today about a serious subject that I believe most people have NEVER thought about, and that is your birthright, or more importantly your “spiritual birthright”.  What do I mean when I say your spiritual birthright, well in order to explain this we have to start back in the Old Testament of the Bible where God established the birthright, and as always I will bring us to the New Testament to further expound on the subject.

Let’s begin with the most obvious “Birthright” issue, and one that many remember the most vividly, the story of Jacob and Esau.  In Genesis 25:29-34 we see the story of Jacob and Esau, Esau was the “firstborn” and as such had the right of the “firstborn”, including the blessing of the firstborn, the right of the “Double Portion”.  In this verse of scripture, we see that Esau, being tried from a day of hunting and gathering which was as is usual custom, comes in and sees that Jacob had dinner prepared, and Esau wanted FOOD NOW.  He didn’t want to wait to prepare what he had gone out for, because Jacob already had a pot of “beans and cornbread” (my wording) ready to eat.  Jacob wasn’t sharing with him unless Esau sold him his birthright for a bowl of  “beans of cornbread”.  Esau was exhausted and very weary from the day, and really didn’t care about the fact that he had a birthright “Double Portion Blessing” from his father, he just wanted something to EAT right NOW, and in his thinking what good is a birthright if I am going to starve right now.  So Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of beans.  Now most people read this story and get the fact that Jacob manipulated the situation, and when we read further we read that Jacob manipulated his father into thinking that he (Jacob) was really Esau and their father gave Jacob the Blessing of the firstborn instead of Esau.  What we fail to notice is how God saw the situation.  We see how God saw the situation in Hebrews 12:16-17 when we are told that Esau was a fornicator or profane person who for a morsel of food sold his birthright. For you know that afterward, when he wanted to inherit the blessing, he was rejected, for he found no place for repentance, though he sought it diligently with tears.

What did it mean that Esau was a fornicator; well in our thinking a fornicator is only someone who has sex with another without benefit of marriage.  In God’s eyes, Esau desired Food more than the Promised Blessing, and as such he lusted after the food when he should have abstained.  A profane person is someone who will despise the intangible for the tangible for instant gratification.  Notice I said “Instant Gratification”, when we desire anything above God and His blessings and promises we are placing ourselves in the same place as Esau, and choosing the right now, over what has been Promised.  God sees this as spiritual fornication with the enemy of our souls, and we are warned to beware.  If we will ponder this subject we will see that this situation is at the root of all our financial crisis, our basic unhappiness in life issues, etc… so I ask you, “What have you desired above the Promises of God your Father”, and what have you received in trade or lusted after, for your birthright?”  There is time to change our minds and start making the right choices, if we all would begin to ask ourselves before we make any life decisions; “Am I selling my birthright in making this decision”, then I think we would all make better choices in the end.  Begin today, Don’t Sell your Birthright!

I have even seen people who purchase some of our plants for their landscaping needs choose the biggest and prettiest plants with a bigger price tag over the same plants only smaller, when in only a few short weeks the smaller plant will be as big as the bigger one they chose, because they wanted to see “Instant Gratification” in their yard instead of planting and waiting 6-12 weeks for the same effect.  However, I am seeing more and more people willing to wait for the smaller ones to grow, so that they can save a major portion of their money and have the same results.  Are you one of those that have begun to change their mind, and resist the “Instant” for the promise?  Remember, Don’t sell your birthright!


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2 responses to “Don’t sell your birthright!

  1. bereket Melkmau

    December 10, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    My younger brother asked me to sell him my birth right before 15 years. We were 15 and 16 and pretending to act like Jacob and Esau. I said ” take it!”. Even if we were joking I felt sad after the play. From that day on I felt as if it was already taken away. Can someone take anyones birthright in the way Jacob did?

    • Pastor Cammy

      July 13, 2013 at 4:51 pm

      What a strange game for children to play. To answer your question, the only person that we can give our birthright to is the Devil by not accepting Jesus Christ as our personal savior. When one willingly chooses NOT to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior is when your birthright as a Child of God has been given or handed over. And that is what breaks the heart of God when Whosoever Will, won’t!


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