Watering Tips for your Garden and Landscapes

12 May

Watering Tips for your Garden and Landscapes

Every year during the Spring and Fall, everyone wants to get digging, digging in the dirt that is, and many don’t have the first clue on proper watering procedures for most of their gardening and landscape plants.  We are here to help you gain valuable information on your landscape plants.  We specialize in evergreen, drought tolerant trees plants and shrubs, and we have 50 combined years of gardening and landscaping experience in the extremes of the Texas climates, which can also be expressed as USDA Zones 7&8.

Let first begin with why are drought tolerant plants and trees becoming so popular.  In these weather extremes that we are currently experiencing, you can never be sure from year to year whether your landscape plants are going to need extra water from you or if we are going to receive WAY TO MUCH water from mother nature.  This is where drought tolerant plants and trees are an excellent addition to your landscape.  Drought tolerant plants will survive and thrive well in situations where rainstorms are few and far between, and will THRIVE extremely well in high rain fall years.  This is the beauty of drought tolerant plants, but can also be a challenge for the home landscaper or gardener that believe he/she needs to water, water, water.  First rule of thumb:  MORE TREES AND SHRUBS ARE KILLED BY OVER WATERING THAN UNDER WATERING.

Your landscape and also your garden only needs approximately 1” of water per week to thrive well.  You can easily measure your watering by simply placing an empty tuna fish can in the middle of your area that you are watering, and when the can is almost full you have achieve the proper watering requirement for the week.  Which brings me to the Second rule of thumb:  MOIST DIRT ABSORBS MORE WATER THAN DRY DIRT. Let me explain; Dry dirt will repeal water at first because it is so dry and hard that the water has a hard time penetrating it at first, this is why when we have heavy rainstorms after a long dry period, we have flash flooding issues. This is also why when we receive the same or more rain but over a longer period of time, the flash flooding issues are minimal.   It would be better for your garden and landscape for you to water twice a week, than trying to apply all of the 1” of water once a week.

As a Pastor, I must apply the second rule of thumb to our spiritual lives as well.  We human beings need to the watered at least twice a week if not on a daily basis by the Water of the Word of God.  When we have long periods of time where we have not received any “watering”, it is harder for the Water of the Word, to soak down and begin to revive our souls with the refreshing Life giving Water of the Word.  This is why, we can receive more revelation of Who and What God is saying when we are constantly Watered, then if we just go to Church once a week or only read our Bibles occasionally and rarely open our Bibles between times.  The ground of your heart is hard and the Water of the Word has trouble penetrating your hard dry soul.  Keeping your heart and soul moist with a daily or more consistent intake of the Water of the Word, will keep you well watered, just as the example and rule of thumb that “moist dirt absorbs more water than dry dirt” regarding your garden and landscape.


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