28 Apr

We are going to introduce you to the world of coffee today, and hopefully you will walk away with a completely new and different opinion of your coffee experience.  After many hours in our R&D department, commonly known as Research & Development, we however call it the Rats & Damn-It Department for “Rats Damn-It that didn’t work”, we have realized that most coffee manufacturers only care about one thing, Selling Coffee.  The Caffene Fiend on the other hand, wants to sell you coffee yes, but also, we want to introduce you to a completely new Coffee Experience.  We want to first educate you on where your coffee comes from and the people that grew and picked the first beans that you will be enjoying.  Secondly, we want to educate you on the cultural differences of each of our coffee origins.  (Notice I called them Origins, not flavors).  We don’t flavor any of our coffees they come naturally flavored from the environment in which they were grown. With that, let me start with “It’s an origin not a flavor”.

It’s an Origin, not a flavor, what do I mean by that?  First, we don’t sell flavored coffees like the Super Chain, we sell Origins of Coffee, and every origin has its own unique taste and flavor.  The Super Chain, supplies flavored coffee to cover up the fact that they have burned their beans to charcoal, and now they replace the missing flavor, with artificially flavoring their coffees.  Our coffees are naturally full of flavor simply from the climate and ground that they are grown in.  Nothing is added to the coffee during its processing, roasting, or packaging, just 100% pure coffee.

The second important thing to know about coffee is how it is roasted.  Most commercial roasters use a Gas Fired Roaster.   With these gas-fired roasters, the fumes will taint the coffee beans as they are being roasted, which changes the taste and flavors dramatically.  With our proprietary roasting process we roast our coffees by using a super heated light source, which doesn’t add any fumes or tainted flavors to your coffee.  We also believe that roasting coffee is an art form, not a job.  What do I mean that it’s an art form, simply this; Our roaster must see, hear and smell the coffee to know when it is Roasted to the Perfection of the Origin®, he doesn’t just push a button on the machine or computer, and ding its ready.  He must be an artist; to know the exact time to bring the freshly roasted coffee out of the roaster at its very best.  Our Roasted to the Perfection of the Origin® process brings out the very best in Every Origin of coffee, and no two coffees are identical.

Once you try our coffees from around the world, you will taste the difference an artist makes verses simply being a coffee roaster.  You can click on any of the links that we have provided for you to begin your “Coffee Orientation via The Caffene Fiend. We offer several sizes of zip-seal bagged coffee and also we have individual Coffee pot packs, which are pre-measured packs of coffee for your 10-12 cup coffeemakers or your 4-5 cup coffeemakers.  Coming next time, the importance of purchasing Fair Trade Coffee, verses coffee that isn’t Fair Trade Certified™.


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